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TMZ has released video from the Medellin-bound flight carrying a Brazilian soccer team that crashed early this morning.

Laughing and smiling, defender Alan Ruschel and teammate Danilo Padilha pose for a video posted to Ruschel’s Instagram. Minutes later, their charter plane disappeared from radar. Both survived the crash, though Padilha is said to have succumbed to injuries after transport to a hospital. Their soccer team, Chapecoense, from the small Brazilian town of Chapeco, was scheduled to land in Medellin to play in the finals of a South American soccer championship.

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The flight originated in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, crashing just outside Medellin, Colombia; AP and Palm Beach Post reports that Colombian aviation authorities are investigating an electrical failure as well as a survivor’s report that the plane ran out of fuel.

There were 81 passengers aboard. Seventy-six have been confirmed dead in the crash.

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