Rare Humor

Helen Mirren chats with Jimmy Fallon while sucking helium

The last time he did this was with Morgan Freeman and this one is just as good. Helen is hilarious and has a great time making jokes even before they started. This really was hilarious! (Click play then the arrows

Mariah Carey Carpool Karaoke

What an awesome time driving to work this was!!! Mariah Carey was all in and had such an awesome time even though at first she acted like she wasn’t going to be a part. So much fun!

Top 5 Best Music Festival Moments

Oh man these are funny and crazy! You never know what you expect at music festivals now a days. I just went to one and saw some stuff just like this. I love music festivals.

Fast & Furious driver pranks driving instructors

What a brilliant prank. They got one of the best drift drivers in the world and pranked driving instructors in a way that had all of them fearing for their lives. It was pretty hilarious to watch their reactions.

National Anthem fans at Walmart

There should always be someone with a camera at Walmart because there will always be awesome moments like this happening there. Real life brings us the best laughs.

Noah goes to Texas and it’s so much fun

This kid is so naturally funny that I just can’t stop laughing at him. Most of the time he’s not even trying to be funny he just starts talking and it’s hilarious. This was a ton of fun to watch.


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