Rare Humor

Hot guys read a bedtime story

A few ladies showed me this and begged me to put it on here because they thought it was “really funny”. The guys in it had nothing to do with it I’m sure. Funny concept though and I’ll give it

Conference Calls in real life

What an awesome portrayal of we all go through every time the big dawgs of our companies want us to do a conference call. EVERY boss should be made to watch this at least once a quarter!

19 Photos that capture life’s struggles

I laughed so loud watching this I just had to pass this along. Hilarious on so many levels. A picture is worth a thousand words but the picture of that person getting jacked is worth ten times more!

Patriots Deflate Gate sketch on SNL was great

I know people have pounded this to death but SNL really cracked us up with this one. I love how they were so serious but making everyone look like goofballs who didn’t make any sense. The media reactions were great


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