Rare Humor

IKEA Introduces Break Up Rooms

I can’t even tell you how many arguments I’ve been in and awkward silent days spent in this place. They should literally start this at every location. What a great thought!!!

31 Amazing Feelings In Board Games

While I don’t know every game mentioned I definitely LOVE most of these and wow it was nostalgic to watch this. I actually cheered at some of these because of remembering accomplishing some of these. Great job with this one.

Red Neck Car Wash

Just thought we would give you a video that makes you feel good about yourself. Here’s 90 seconds of stupid that should make you feel right as rain. Ridiculous!!!!

Alien Imposters

It is so ridiculous how Key and Peele call stuff out and still make it hilarious. This is so dramatic and funny…and a good thing to remember if we do get invaded by aliens. Hahahahaaaaaa

Word Sneak with Chris Pratt and Jimmy Fallon

Most of the time when Jimmy has played this on his show it’s smooth and really clever. This one made me crack up because they both had ridiculous moments where they didn’t sneak the words in with any type of

Redneck FAIL. Ohhhhhh…

Question 1: Who thought this was going to be a good idea?!?

Question 2: How do you explain what happened to your wife?!?


Box of Lies with Kerry Washington

Once again this game is really funny. I love how Kerry is so serious and tries to fool Jimmy but can’t keep a straight face. They both have so much fun they are both like little kids!!! So awesome!!!


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