Rare Humor

Little Gordon Ramsay Ep 2

I just can’t get over how this little kid is almost an exact mimmic of the real deal. Just awesome!!! This kid is great!

Wolverine Gets Fired from the X-Men

WOW…just hilarious! Such an awesome video! I watched back multiple times because I laughed so hard I kept missing parts. This is so good even those who aren’t fans of X-Men will LOVE it!

Dinosaur in the Hood Prank

So this is brilliant. I don’t even know what I do if I had never seen anything like this and it came around the corner roaring at me. Just ridiculous. Wait for the guy at the end who tries to

Little Gordon Ramsay Ep 1

Haahahahaaaaaaaaaa this is awesome. Short and hilarious and yes it’s old but oh my goodness we’ve watched it over and over and this little kid nails it!!! What a great little actor! Hahahaaaa!

The Expendables – Honest Trailer

YEEEEES! In celebration of Expendables III coming out they just put out this honest trailer about the franchise and it is awesome! They actually call out what everyone is thinking about the whole thing! Hilariously done again!!!

Batman vs. Superman The Conversation

I can not stop laughing and if you’ve seen this before you need to remind yourself how awesome this is! There are so many great moments in this it’s hard to pick just one that stands out. Hilarious how Batman

Hip Bathroom Signs Are The Worst

As weird as this is I just experienced this over the weekend so I’m posting this in full support of these places that feel they need to redefine how we tell the mens and ladies rooms apart. Screw you trendy

If Bieber Wrote His Own Songs

So Smosh out of nowhere decided to blow it up on Justin Bieber and I must it’s pretty ridiculous. Not what I was expecting and had me laughing multiple times all throughout! There are even some parts that made me

NFL Bad Lip Reading Ep 3

In honor of the football being back we just had to share the most recent NFL Bad Lip Reading. It is brilliant no matter how many times we watch. It’s a must watch…so many amazing moments…these guys are brilliant.

Black Ice – Key and Peele

With school starting back it makes us think of getting ready for winter. Getting ready for winter means we need to think about preparing for everything…including Black Ice. Hahahahaaaaa Key and Peele are always awesome!


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