Rare Humor

The Most Epic Safety Video Ever

I’m a Lord of the Rings fan so I would watch this regardless…BUT it is actually really good and it has some really funny moments. I would love to see something like this on our flights here in the US.

Disney’s Frozen – Honest Trailer

My daughter still watches this movie over and over so when I saw this trailer I didn’t even want to watch it..BUT I’m so glad I did! The digs on this movie are so good and they point some hilarious

If Dogs Could Apologize – So Good

This is so funny and makes me crack up because I love dogs no matter what they do and thinking of them apologizing is just hilarious! My dog would have a list to apologize for and would probably sound like

Best News Bloopers Thus Far In 2014

I love it when the news casters think they are absolutely right and yet they are so far off it’s ridiculous. I wish I could’ve seen some of these live because they are hilarious!

THE Most Awkward High Fives EVER

The award for absolute most awkward goes to Ryan Seacrest…He’s Blind Ryan!!! And the award for smoothest awkward high five goes to Phil Jackson…he was determined to make it seem like it wasn’t an attempt at a high five.


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