Rare Humor

Dragon Baby – The Kung Fu Baby fight

If you’ve never seen this you laugh your head off! If you’re like me and have seen it before you will remember how amazing this is and ask yourself why you haven’t watched it everyday! This is awesome!

Couples Sext for the first time and it is hilarious

I don’t know why I assumed that all couples around the world were already sexting but evidently I am wrong. These couple try it for the first time and even conversation leading up to it had me ROFL!

Ultimate fame digger prank (exposed)

Oh no…she got caught! That is just not right! Why are you throwing your morals away just because someone you don’t even know is supposedly famous?

Grown woman falls off toy bike while singing

It’s been said that laughter is good medicine. Well, this video made me pretty healthy because I can’t stop laughing. It was happening in slow mo and no one could stop it.

Guy prank calls Pest Control company

Brilliant on every level. This guy was so good they didn’t even know it was a prank and had the pest control guy completely believing the whole thing. Just awesome!

Emotional Interview with Robert Downey Jr

I’ve never seen them play this before but I absolutely love it. Robert Downey Jr is a beast and of course Jimmy couldn’t stop from cracking up. Awesome stuff!


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