Rare Humor

Ultimate Fails From Bad Friends

Sometimes friendships can and should be questioned…almost all of these friendships should be questioned immediately. I laughed through all of it so I had to keep pausing it to go back and see what I missed while cracking up rolling

Weird Things All Vampire Couples Do

Hilarious!!! They did such a great job making all of it real life situational. I love the reflection…and him getting stuck outside her friends house…so funny!

Best Jesus Pranks EVER!!!

The looks on peoples faces are just amazing!!! They don’t know what to think when each of these pranks get going and it’s awesome to watch!! Just Brilliant!

Best Sports Bloopers of 2014 Thus Far

I love these so much and there hasn’t been a good since March but we found a great one to share. So many hilarious moments that we’ve watched over and over. Makes you wonder why some of them make so

The Most Epic Safety Video Ever

I’m a Lord of the Rings fan so I would watch this regardless…BUT it is actually really good and it has some really funny moments. I would love to see something like this on our flights here in the US.

Disney’s Frozen – Honest Trailer

My daughter still watches this movie over and over so when I saw this trailer I didn’t even want to watch it..BUT I’m so glad I did! The digs on this movie are so good and they point some hilarious


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