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David Letterman was photographed while vacationing in St. Barts looking totally different.

He was caught taking a jog while on vacation, wearing yellow shorts, a scruffy beard and a totally bald head. Letterman is looking much different than he looked when he entertained Americans for 33 years as the host of “The Tonight Show.”

The Daily Mail Celebrity reported that Letterman has been known to say that he has not looked back since leaving his show and handing it over to Stephen Colbert. They also tweeted an image of Letterman while on vacation to their 186,000 followers.

Letterman’s new look has sparked a conversation on Twitter, comparing him to Jolly Ol’ Saint Nicholas.

Freddie Campion, the engagement editor with GQ tweeted, “David Letterman accidentally killed Santa and is now slowly morphing into him like Tim Allen in The Santa Clause.”

After being on TV for as long as Letterman has, we would let it all go and live as our true selves, too. Respect!

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