Executive producer for Bravo TV Andy Cohen had a skin cancer scare earlier this year, and the issue was brought to light by none other than his close friend Kelly Ripa.

Cohen divulged the details Friday on “Live!” a morning talk show hosted by Ripa.

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“I had this black dot on my bottom lip,” Cohen said. “You and I were at a party for Anderson’s mom [Gloria Vanderbilt] in April and you said: ‘You have a black dot on your lip, I don’t think that’s something good.’”

“I was like, ‘Oh no, I’m sure it’s nothing, it’s just a black dot.’ And she kept on me,” he said of Ripa’s persistence. “Finally I did and it was melanoma.”

“I just want to thank you. That’s a good friend. It really taught me, because I am tanorexic,” he said. “I love the sun, and I really do, but just be careful. I, of course, never thought that kind of thing would happen to me, and it will change my relationship to the sun. But you really helped me out there. Thank you for staying on me. I’m very grateful that you did that.”

Here’s how Kelly Ripa may have saved her friend’s life when she noticed a spot on his lip Photo by: Peter Kramer/Bravo via AP Images
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