Kanye West apparently is having a breakdown. He cancelled the rest of his tour shortly before being whisked away to the UCLA Medical Center for psychiatric evaluation.

West, though, can ease his mind over a possible loss of millions of dollars due to the cancelation of a tour that’s been marred by his wild rants. According to TMZ, West won’t lose a dime.

The gossip website is reporting that the self-obsessed rapper, who reportedly lost around $30 million for his portion of the remaining concerts, plus what he owes venues and others with whom he’s under contract, has an insurance policy that covers him in the event illness prevents him from performing.

Mental illness, we assume, is covered.

According to TMZ: “The policy provides the insurance carrier will pay Kanye for not only the money he’d make but the money he was obligated to pay others if “accident or illness … prevents any Insured Person from appearing or continuing to appear in any or all of the Insured Performance(s) or Event(s).”

The report also noted that Kanye can be denied coverage by the insurance company if he had a preexisting condition that he didn’t disclose when the policy was issued, or if his illness was caused by his “unreasonable or capricious behavior.”

At any rate, it appears West needs to get some rest.

Kanye West might not lose a dime after cancelling his tour thanks to this policy Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images
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