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Miss Colombia made a special appearance at the People’s Choice Awards in Los Angeles Wednesday to parody what she called one of the most humiliating experiences of her life — her crowning and abrupt uncrowning at December’s Miss Universe pageant.

On Wednesday night, Jane Lynch announced the People’s Choice Awards would be mixing things up with an award to an overlooked entertainer. She said Tom Lennon, one of the stars of “The Odd Couple,” was chosen as an actor who deserved, but never got, a People’s Choice Award.

“Wow, this is amazing,” Lennon said in his acceptance speech. “My high school principal said, ‘You’ll never amount to anything,’ and I said, ‘Mom, you’re the worst principal this high school ever had.’”

Lynch cut him off.

“I’m sorry, I have to apologize here,” she said. “First runner up is Tom Lennon.”

The winner?

Why, Miss Colombia, of course.

“It’s my fault, I didn’t bother to come to dress rehearsal,” Lynch said. “Man, I just read the card wrong.”

Wearing a “Miss People’s Choice” sash and a crown, Ariadna Gutierrez handed Lennon a bouquet of flowers before grabbing the People’s Choice Award from him.

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