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After years of navigating the political and private waters of a Hollywood lifestyle, Alec Baldwin will soon be getting his own MSNBC talk show. For over a year, Baldwin has hosted “Heres the Thing”, an interview podcast available on iTunes. Though HTT has been praised for its relaxed interview approach and objective guest roster (George F. Will, Lorne Michaels, Lena Dunham) Baldwin’s new show looks to be more Weekend Update than Edward R. Murrow. In an overtly irreverent clip to promote the new show political commentator Ed Schultz introduces Baldwin as a man who could provide ” a soothing voice for these troubled times.” Taking its cues from other late-night shows, it seems doubtful that “Up Late With Alec Baldwin” will retain any of the enjoyable subtlety exhibited on HTT.

Douglas Barclay, Rare Staff |