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Rob Ford is entertainment, plain and simple. Which is why it should come as no surprise that he is the inspiration behind a new addicting platform video game.

In “Crackathon,” you play the character of Ford, racking up as many “party points” as you can by collecting marijuana leaves, crack pipes, and bottles of alcohol until your “public opinion” score reaches zero.

The 8-bit crack-smoking mayor can also stomp on reporters and police officers Mario-style, while yelling out such catch-phrases as “He hit my face with a camera” and “Enough is enough, guys.”

Once your “public opinion” reaches zero, “You Have Been Impeached” flashes across the screen and your final score is displayed.

University of Waterloo engineering students Nick Mostowich and Chris Ngan built the game in under 16 hours at HackNY’s annual spring Hackathon, and it has since become an internet success.

Mostovich admitted that the game is not completely polished and has a few glitches, but it is still very much worth taking a crack at.

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