During his decades in comedy, actor Adam Sandler has also had a few dramatic roles peppered throughout his resume. Both of Sandler’s worlds collided in 2009 with the release of “Funny People” the Judd Apatow helmed project that saw him as an aging comedian who, while battling a disease, finds new inspiration in a young comic.

One of the standout scenes of the film, if not the stand out scene of Sandler’s career centers around a “friendsgiving” dinner on Thanksgiving.

After being invited by his assistant Ira, played wonderfully by Seth Rogen, Sandler’s character gives a toast to the young people at the table, and pleads with them to remember memories like the one they were currently living.

“I see you guys…and you are so much younger than me, I had no idea I was the old guy until I looked at you guys,” Sandler tells his young audience.

“It’s good to be young. It kind of sucks being old, so just enjoy this time. Time slips away. I promise you.”

Sandler’s character then goes in to his own personal history, telling the young group that he had a similar dinner with his friends decades before, and then unfortunately time got in the way of their friendships.

“I had a dinner like this twenty years ago with guys that just lost touch with each other. I never talk to them anymore,” Sandler said.

“I swear to you, this will be your most memorable Thanksgiving, the one you’ll want the rest of your life. The one that you say, man, it was never as good as that night. So let this night be great. Rock and roll.”

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