There’s hidden beauty everywhere in Chicago it seems. Some of my favorite parts of the windy city are the murals and pieces of art that are like a silver lining to the Chi. This new images comes to us from the Chicago Department of Transportation of all places, and it’s a new stormwater diversion tunnel that is going to make the people of Albany Park much safer.

Via Chicago Department of Transportation

The 5,833-foot tunnel’s construction began in 2013 and just ended construction this past September. It will become operational in Spring of 2018 and will make sure that no flooding ever happens again. Before now, residents were susceptible to overflow from the Chicago River if there was access rain.

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The $70 million tunnel will get concrete poured over top of it this week and will soon be up and running!

Did you know there is an Albany Park Tunnel and it’s the coolest thing you’ve never seen…until now (Image Via AP & Fotolia)
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