In Chicago’s Lincoln Park, Black Friday shoppers lined up around the blocks but this time – it wasn’t for hot new electronics, high heeled-shoes or fancy kitchen tools.

Beer connoisseurs waited in line all night to get a bottle or two of Goose Island’s limited “Bourbon County Brand Stout.”

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At 9 a.m. on Friday, the doors opened at the Binny’s located at 1720 N. Marcey, St. for the release of the long-awaited craft brew.

People were limited to just a few bottles each.

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According to Goose Island, the coveted bourbon barrel-aged beer has become one of the most sought-after beers in the country and has since its creation, made Black Friday a “beer holiday” for all those who want to sip on the good stuff.

Chicagoans are known to camp out in freezing temps ahead of the yearly release — and this year was no different.

It is to be expected to see Chi-towners camping out – despite the freezing temperatures for the yearly release because in Chicago – we not only take our brews seriously but also — to quote the famous ice queen herself “the cold never bothered me [aka all Chicagoans] anyway”.

To see coverage on the ridiculous line for one amazing beer, you can watch WGN9’s reporting here.

Goose Island’s limited release had people waiting in line overnight WGN9 screenshot
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