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Jack donkeys of all trades, Texas high school students are fully prepared for secondary education.

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Texans get offended when asked if they ride horses to school, mostly because it’s only OK for us to stereotype, but playing b-ass-ketball is clearly a serious part of the state’s high school curriculum.

Take the Malakoff High School face off featured above: the game was between the school’s FFA club and its coaches. The crowd is pretty into it, and this isn’t the only showdown of its type around.

In fact, closer to town just last week, Coldspring-Oakhurst CISD had a donkey-ball tournament of their own, with the proceeds reportedly benefitting the 500-student high school’s senior prom.

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It might not be an academic test, but the trial of sport certainly builds a school community, which Texans truly value, and raising $5000 is no joke.

Hopefully no other assess show up at the dance.

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