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An oversight in contract negotiations will likely lead to Harris County losing some of the $1.3 million it spent on providing security for the Super Bowl.

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The Houston Chronicle is reporting the host committee says it may not have to reimburse county taxpayers because the county didn’t negotiate the repayment.

The game was played in February at county-owned NRG Stadium.

The city of Houston was more eagle-eyed in the deal it struck with the host committee: It has already received $5.5 million for its security services.

Going forward, the county is making sure that it won’t make the same mistake twice.

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County officials are cagey about why they failed to include a repayment agreement, but a spokesman for Harris County Judge Ed Emmett says “before any future Super Bowls or similar events at the stadium, some type of agreement where the county receives a share of the revenue will be included in negotiations.”