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A 17-year-old teenage boy in Conroe was working a good job in construction, making $150 to $200 a day, when he repaid his boss in an unthinkable way: He stole from him.

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When the supervisor, Brent Franklin, discovered that Mark Anthony Doyle had taken cash, a Rolex and electronics from him, he decided to set the teen straight — instead of straight to prison.

Franklin, owner of Precision Construction, gave Doyle the option to wear a tight pink shirt, pink lipstick, and to hold a sign for all to see who were traveling a busy corridor in Conroe.

“I stole and lied to my boss!! This is to keep my head right!,” said the sign.

With Franklin watching over him, the youngster held the sign for three days on the side of the road.

When it was all over, Doyle said he had learned his lesson.

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“I’m never going to do it again,” he said.