Greta Hoxha may not have the easiest name to pronounce, but she’s certainly easy on the eyes and when your job is to read the news, what more can you ask for?

The Albanian beauty, for whatever reason, was questioned about the size of her breasts. Her response, when loosely translated, says a “beautiful chest assessed the sensitivity, not of size” in reference to what she calls her “perfectly rounded” top.

Judging from the video above, you’d have to be blind to disagree with her personal assessment.

You’d think a woman baring all (or most) would be in the business of body enhancement, but she’s perfectly content with what she’s working with. In face, she’s against plastic surgeries, liking it to a “copy-paste” form of beauty.

It makes you wonder why, if she’s so smart, does she continue to do the news like this?


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