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Let us introduce you to Mesheokia White, a stripper from Wisconsin with a not-so-golden heart and a mouth of steel, as 24-year-old Derick Roth would later find out.

According to a report from the Rock County Sheriff’s Office, Roth went to Diamond Jim’s strip club and had “given a dancer a few dollars to do her thing.” Later on, White apparently “placed her head into his crotch and was moving it around.” And that’s when things really went south.

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Yep, White then allegedly bit into Roth’s crotch. Ouch. When cops showed up and questioned White, she appeared to be drunk and claimed to have not remembered the incident. However, security footage showed the extent of White’s mouthiness, and she was later booked into county jail on battery charges.

And that, kids, is why you should just never go to strip clubs.

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(h/t Smoking Gun)

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