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In case you were curious and wanted to see what a bad mom looked like, here you go.

31-year-old Texan Ashley Nikole Weir (you already know this is going to end badly when she spells Nicole with a “k”) could spend up to three years in jail on three counts of allowing tattoos prohibited for certain persons after she let her three kids get ankle tattoos, My San Antonio reports. Oh, and the guy who tatted them up? Good chance that he’s a sex offender.

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When the father of the three kids showed up at Weir’s house, she was passed out drunk and the three kids were just hanging out by themselves with their new terrible tats. The 13-year-old son had a tattoo of a cross on his right ankle, the 10-year-old daughter had a cross and infinity symbol on her left ankle and the nine-year-old daughter had a heart-and-arrow design on her right ankle. In other words, it might be a while before they have friends again.

After police showed up when the father demanded that they conduct a welfare check on Weir, she refused to say who actually tattooed the kids. However, her boyfriend and his brother, who is a sex offender, were in the house at the time of the tattooing.

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We’re not sure what Weir learned in parenting school, but we know this definitely wasn’t on the lesson plan.

In any case, we’re not the proper authorities on this situation, but we think it’d make for a pretty suitable punishment if Nicole had to get the same tattoos her kids got, except on her face. Seems pretty reasonable to us.

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