David Copperfield has done some impressive stunts in his life. But time travel? According to a new interview with Elle, he’s capable of the feat (his claim, not theirs!).

We’re not sure how many people he’s offered (let alone how many have accepted), but Rihanna, Elle’s cover girl for the October issue, has an idea. To celebrate the star — and the release of her Fenty Beauty campaign — Elle invited a slew of celebrities to ask her the questions they’d always had in mind.

David Copperfield told Rihanna “I can make you disappear and reappear anywhere in the world. Where do you want to go and why?”

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Rihanna was all for the question. Why? Because she wants her virginity back.

“Ten minutes before I lost my virginity,” she told Copperfield, “and I’m holding you to that offer. LOL.”

It seems like the “bad girl” wishes she could go back in time and be a little less, well, bad. In her response to the question “Where do you want to go, and why?” Rihanna clearly doesn’t miss a beat.

A pop star asked David Copperfield to help her get her virginity back Andrew Toth/Getty Images
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