Businessman and investor Daymond John, 48, known for his role as a panelist on the popular show “Shark Tank,” alongside Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, Barbara Corcoran, Robert Herjavec and Mark Cuban, revealed Wednesday on “Good Morning America” that he has been diagnosed with stage two thyroid cancer.

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The father of three said that his cancer is “slow-growing” and that he has half of his thyroid left after the lump that was found there during a March 2016 checkup was removed by surgeons.

“I have another half of my thyroid still in, and in the event that it comes back, I’ll be able to fight it. Thyroid is a very slow-growing cancer,” he told Robin Roberts during an interview. “I’m good, and I want to share this with people, because that’s what success is. It’s staying in your family’s lives, it’s being around.”

Roberts has herself battled breast cancer.

John said that when doctors told him they could take out the nodule they found or leave it in, he didn’t hesitate.

“They said you can take it out if you want, you can leave it in,” he said. “I didn’t skip a beat. When I got some early detections, I understood that I had a challenge, and if I would attack it now, then I wouldn’t let it attack me.”

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“There’s a saying — a man with his health has a thousand dreams. A man without his health only has one,” he added.

John says that the tattoo on his chest that says “bless” means something quite different to him now.

A “Shark Tank” star just opened up about being diagnosed with cancer a year after that day Jordan Strauss/Invision for Entertainment Weekly/AP Images
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