Kenny Bowman isn’t just a police officer in Roanoke, Va. He’s also a dad to two adorable children, which is kind of how his adorable home video has gone viral.

The video shows Bowman ‘pulling over’ his children.

“What are you a bunch of wise guys? Why aren’t you all buckled up?” he asks them.

“Mind your business,” says his daughter.

Then, Bowman asks for their driver’s licenses, to which his daughter says: “He has no back-up. Floor it!”

It was then that an on-foot, high-speed chase ensued.

Officer Bowman originally made the clip to share with friends and family, but now that it’s taken off online, he told WDBJ7 he hopes it sends a message to the public.

“The other side of the badge I guess you could call it, we all have families just like most people do,” he said. “Show them who you are. Just let people know you can come talk to us about anything. Let us know what’s going on in your neighborhood. See if we can help out.”

(H/t WTVR)

A Virginia police officer caught a couple of cuties without their seat belts and the “high-speed” chase is hilarious
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