Aaron Carter has confirmed that his brother Nick Carter hasn’t reached out to him since he came out as bisexual last week.

Prior to his huge personal announcement, the brothers engaged in a public Twitter spat following Aaron’s recent DUI arrest, and it looks like they might still be on the rocks.

TMZ caught up with the singer in Washington D.C., and asked if he had heard from Nick ever since coming out.

“Has my brother reached out? Uh, no,” he trailed off before getting visibly emotional and adding, “Yeah, no. Uh, my brother and I are good. We’re wonderful.”

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On a lighter note, Aaron then considered some male celebrities whom he wouldn’t mind dating, and it seems fellow singer Adam Lambert has been catching his attention.

“He’s beautiful, and he had something really nice to say about me,” he said.

“I think it’s exciting that we’re living in a time where people are feeling more open and honest about publicly declaring who and what they are,” Lambert said after learning of Carter’s coming out. “You know, for a long time in the show business industry it was sort of taboo, and I think a lot of people felt for a long time the minute you say that then it steers your career one way or another, and I think that what is so exciting is there’s so many young people right now that are choosing to either declare or not declare at all. It’s an exciting time for freedom.”

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Aaron Carter reveals he and brother Nick still aren’t speaking after their family feud went public Photo by Chad Buchanan/Getty Images
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