It’s been nearly two months since Alan Thicke suddenly passed away, and his youngest son is still having a hard time with the grief.

On Dec. 13, Thicke and his son, Carter, were at a Burbank skating rink when Thicke suffered a heart attack. He later died at a nearby hospital.

In the weeks since his death, Carter Thicke has shared details of the actor’s final moments. Now, he has opened up about the everyday events he has to experience without his father.

“It’s kind of one of those things, you don’t really know if it has set in yet,” Carter told Entertainment Tonight Canada. “Driving home is kind of weird. You think you’re going to come into the drive and come into the house and he’s going to be there, and he’s not. So I don’t think it’s something that’s necessarily set in in that way.”

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“There’s always that kind of that hope that, ‘Oh, it’s a crappy dream, it’s gonna be fine,’ but yeah … I think that next day [after his death] was pretty rough for me. Definitely,” Carter added.

Carter revealed that his father was the one person he could always count on.

“He was my go-to for everything, any advice I needed … he was like the perfect dad,” he said. “Anything I ever needed, he was there for.”

According to Carter, in his final moments, Thicke was himself and even asked Carter to take a photo as he was loaded onto the stretcher.

“He was cheery and happy and doing well, so I took the picture,” Carter said.

Thicke was a father at home and on TV, and Carter said he finds comfort in knowing that his dad was loved by so many fans.

“He really did touch so many people’s hearts. It really was at least a shining moment because I knew he would be ecstatic to be the number one trending topic on Twitter,” Carter said.

Alan Thicke’s youngest son Carter admits that his father’s sudden death still has not “set in” Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images for NATAS
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