Alicia Silverstone wasn’t afraid to pose nude for a new PETA advertisement.

Silverstone discussed the wool industry and how it hasn’t been noticed by many people in a new campaign video:

Wool in general has not been thought about by many, many people. It’s just not something that’s really brought to their attention,” Silverstone said in the video for PETA. “The biggest thing that people always say to me is, ‘Oh, but they just shear the sheep; they don’t kill the sheep.’ Shearing isn’t like, ‘Oh, let me just take your hair off because you need to give me your coat.’ It’s not like that.

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The “Clueless” star went on to discuss the horrible abuse of sheep and how quickly they get hurt.

“It’s like on the slaughterhouse floor, where there’s a conveyor belt, and it’s going that fast,” she said. “It’s just so fast, the shearing process. They’re cut. They’re harmed. They get very seriously wounded, and there’s no care for them when they are wounded.”

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“These are not creatures to the people who are doing this; they’re just objects,” Silverstone continued. “When the sheep are no longer useful, they’re killed. So there is no happy place that they get to go for being a wool sheep.”

In the ad, Silverstone ends by saying she hopes people will stop wearing and buying wool and asks for people to make the change.

Photographer Brian Bowden Smith took the photo, according to E! News. The ad reads, “I’d rather go naked than wear wool.”

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