Amber Heard is certainly having an interesting year.

Earlier this year, the “Rum Diaries” star went through a very public divorce from Johnny Depp, complete with accusations of domestic assault and ending with a $7 million settlement, which she donated to charity.

Now, Heard is being sued for $10 million by production company Nicola Six for her alleged role in a conspiracy to sabotage a new movie in which she stars called “London Fields.”

According to a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday, Heard and the film’s director, Matthew Cullen, refused to follow the agreed upon script and didn’t show up to promote the film at the Toronto Film Festival.

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The suit also alleges that Heard further sabotaged the movie by refusing to appear nude and not perform in “provocative scenes.”

“In an effort to intimidate Nicola Six, Heard falsely claimed to Nicola Six that she had not contractually agreed to allow the use of nudity in the Picture,” the suit claimed.

Her refusal to perform in certain scenes meant that “key scenes in the script had to be removed and/or rewritten to accommodate Heard’s behavior.”

According to Page Six, Heard chose to support Cullen, who had sued Nicola Six for editing his film, an adaptation of the Martin Amis novel, and including images of 9/11 jumpers that were cut with pornography. Cullen also alleged that the production company hadn’t funded the film the way they had promised.

Amber Heard is being sued after a movie shoot apparently didn’t go as planned Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP
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