According to reports from several gossip outlets, Kim Kardashian is coming up big time as her husband recovers from what can best be described as a nervous breakdown.

Prior to Thanksgiving, Kanye West was hospitalized after those close to him felt he was a danger to himself and others. Media reports regarding the reason for the hospitalization range from exhaustion to a full-on mental collapse.

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According to US Weekly, Kim has helped build him back up.

“Kim has been amazing,” US reports. “She knew he couldn’t keep going the way he was. She has been by his side through all of this, helping to feed him and lying by his side.”

TMZ followed up that Kim hopes to bring Kanye home as early as Monday.

Our sources say it has been excruciating for her … at times Kanye ranting people were trying to destroy their marriage. It’s part of the paranoia that has overtaken Kanye.

Kim, we’re told, hopes to take Kanye home as early as today, and her singular goal is to help him get better. As one source put it, “She has been an unbelievably devoted spouse. He’s a lucky man.

As Kanye’s mental health struggles continue, Kim reportedly comes to his aid (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images)
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