Jim Hart is ready to tell all.

In a newly published memoir, “Lucky Jim,” Hart spilled many details from his nearly 20-year marriage to the singer. According to Hart, their marriage was filled with kinky sex and jealousy and ended after he developed a cocaine addiction and struggled with his homosexuality.

Even in the beginning of their relationship, things were rocky.

“A few weeks before meeting Carly, I thought I should I should see a therapist about this part of myself. I was confused. I so thoroughly enjoyed women and yet […]” Hart wrote. The couple eventually married six months after meeting and their relationship took a turn for the bizarre shortly after that.

According to Hart, he caught Simon wearing a wig and spying on him early into their marriage.

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“I caught a glimpse of her bright red hair, spike heels, and red lipstick,” Hart wrote. “She had a short black veil hanging from her hat covering the top half of her face. In a thickly accented voice, she said, ‘Good evening!’ I turned and stared straight at her. I took me a moment to realize that it was Carly dressed as a Latina hooker. She had come to the YMCA on West 63rd street to see the women who were in love with me and confirm for herself the veracity of the detective’s reports.”

And, that wasn’t even the most odd thing to happen in the marriage. According to PEOPLE, Hart claimed his then-wife “ordered” him to go to a brothel after the couple became distant.

“She would later realize that she was no longer physically attracted to me, and yet, like me, she so wanted to be,” he wrote. “She arrived at a quirky and definitive solution. ‘Darling, you need to get laid.’”

On her suggestion, Hart ventured into Chinatown.

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“As I looked at the selection, I realized that nothing about this attracted me,” he shared. “I was about to betray my marriage vows without an ounce of desire. This was completely off the mark; the last thing I wanted tonight was an Asian prostitute in a seedy massage parlor.”

Hart claims he then promptly left the brothel and called his wife to tell her he couldn’t go through with it. He later confessed he spent that night in an all-male strip club where he “felt at home.”

“I wondered if I could share this with Carly, and then I buried it and realized I never would,” he continued. “How could I explain it to her? I had little understanding of it myself, but it certainly didn’t feel like infidelity.”

Carly Simon’s ex-husband Jim Hart shares more unbelievable details from their marriage in upcoming tell-all memoir Photo by Fernando Leon/Getty Images
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