Dani Mathers may have ruined her promising real estate career by secretly photographing a naked elderly woman at the gym.

“If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either,” the Playboy model wrote in a Snapchat post.

The picture invaded the privacy of an elderly woman who appeared to be drying off after a workout.

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Mathers’ lawyer, Tom Mesereau, is currently negotiating with prosecutors to prevent his client from receiving a conviction on her record. He informed prosecutors that his client will apologize to the victim, undergo counseling and engage in an anti-bullying course.

However, the California Bureau of Real Estate will reject Mathers’ real estate license, should she have a criminal record.

Mesereau has previously worked on the cases of Michael Jackson and Robert Blake.

Dani Mathers is facing more than just a conviction for secretly photographing a naked elderly woman @KUBEXFitness/Twitter
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