Season eight of “Blue Bloods” kicked off on Sept. 29, and just two episodes in, fans are questioning everything.

Ahead of the premiere, fan favorite Amy Carlson, who played Linda Reagan, announced she would be leaving the show in a heartfelt statement to fans on Instagram.

“My heart is full of gratitude to each of you for your generous support of me and my character for the last seven years of ‘Blue Bloods’ – Linda Reagan,” she wrote.

Following the news, fans questioned how her character’s death would be handled and were shocked to learn that she was apparently killed off-screen in a helicopter crash. It was explained that she was airlifting one of her patients to the hospital when the helicopter crashed. Her husband, Danny, is left behind dealing with grief and guilt, because he asked her to switch shifts so he could work late. He also lost his home, and his sons moved in with Frank and Grandpa.

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Danny and many “Blue Bloods” viewers are still picking up the pieces and dealing with Linda’s death. Disgruntled fans took to social media to share their outrage and heartbreak over how it was handled.

Meanwhile, Frank and Mayor Dutton butt heads over Frank standing behind his officer who shot a woman who attacked a young cop. Dutton fires Frank (even thought she actually can’t, according to rules of the city charter), and he fully accepts the fact that she doesn’t want him there.

Erin and Danny find the former’s ex-husband stabbed in his office, and for a few brief moments, fans could hope for a reconciliation between the two, as he undergoes surgery and recovers in the hospital. Jamie and Eddie wind up going undercover to bust a drug dealer who caused a bunch of nightclub patrons to drop like flies. They are successful. Case closed.

The episode ends with a Reagan family dinner and Danny moving into a new house.

Things got political in the most recent episode from Friday, Oct. 6, when a prominent congressman gets involved in an altercation, and Jamie and Eddie are put on his protective detail. The partners get tangled up in the drama between the congressman and a woman, Andrea. The congressman claims that Andrea lost her temper after she was told that she could not bring her family to the United States as soon as she wanted to. But Jamie later finds out that Andrea is basically being held prisoner by the congressman. Andrea begs Jamie not to say anything, as she doesn’t want to risk angering the congressman.

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Jamie and Eddie take the case up with Erin, who finds out that Andrea was brought to the U.S. on a pretty tight HB-1 visa. The only way to get Andrea out of her predicament is to bring criminal charges up against the congressman, but that doesn’t work out. The congressman ends up doing the right thing and pays Andrea what she is owed and allows her time off to see her family.

Meanwhile, Danny gets wrapped up in a missing person case and discovers that a boy he used to know killed his sister and hired a hooker to impersonate her to throw the family off. Danny is forced to break the news to the family and feels obligated to take on the case because the family knew Linda, which makes him feel like he’s actually doing the right thing, despite the family’s heartache.

Frank also gets wrapped up in politics when Mayor Dutton forces him to attend the West Indian Parade that was to honor a man, Nigel Morgan, who had been part of an attack on cops. Frank wants to stand by his men and feels the heat when his team pressures him to boycott the event. Frank asks the mayor to publicly announce she is forcing him to walk, and when he joins her at the parade, he gets a cut above his eyebrow after a spectator throws a beer bottle at his head.

The episode wraps up with another Reagan family dinner.

“Blue Bloods” airs on Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.

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