Last month, actress Mischa Barton was hospitalized after she was heard threatening to hurt herself.

Following the hospitalization, Barton said that she believes she was slipped a date rape drug, which caused the breakdown.

TMZ has obtained a 911 call from a neighbor and video of Barton on her patio, screaming incoherently and threatening to hurt herself.

The neighbor expressed concern and said that the police have responded to Barton’s home several times.

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“They go see her every couple of months because she just loses it,” the woman caller said. A man also called 911 with a similar story.

In the footage, Barton can be seen hanging over her fence, screaming nonsensically.

“What a witch! I was right! I was right!” she screams in the video. “I don’t want anybody to know.”

She continues to scream profanities before falling off the fence and landing in her yard.

Barton was placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold in 2009.

Footage of Mischa Barton’s meltdown has surfaced and it is extremely hard to watch TMZ/Screenshot
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