Former U.S. Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. is in the middle of an ugly divorce, and now, former “Today” show anchor Tamron Hall is being dragged into it. And, Jackson Jr., according to People Magazine, is not happy about it.

Jackson’s estranged wife, Sandi Jackson, has identified 11 people “as persons having knowledge of the circumstances that led to the estrangement of the parties, financial issues raised, and allegations made in this matter,” according to papers filed by Sandi Jackson.

Hall is one of the 11, as is former Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy. What information Sandi Jackson, 53, might be seeking from Hall isn’t clear, but Jackson Jr.’s attorney told People that their relationship is “on an exclusively professional basis.”

“Mr. Jackson is deeply saddened and understandably angered that a well-respected, accomplished, dignified and honorable woman like Ms. Hall would be dragged into these proceedings so cavalierly and with so little concern for the position she holds and the high regard in which she is held,” said Jackson Jr.’s attorney, Brendan Hammer.

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Hammer added that his client “intends to move swiftly … to ensure that Ms. Hall’s good name remains unsullied.”

Jackson Jr., 52, the son of civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson, served in Congress from 1995 until resigning in 2012 after a bipolar disorder diagnosis and a federal probe into his campaign finances. He later pleaded guilty to spending about $750,000 of campaign money on personal items and was sentenced to 30 months in prison.

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Sandi Jackson, a Chicago alderman from 2007 until she resigned in 2013, has had her own troubles. She spent a year in prison after her own guilty plea to a charge of filing false income tax returns.

The couple has two children and started divorce proceedings in 2016. Jackson Jr.’s lawyer said the divorce is in the final stages, and he doesn’t know how Hall and others being pursued by Sandi Jackson hold any relevance.

Former “Today” anchor Tamron Hall gets ensnared in Jesse Jackson Jr.’s messy divorce (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for GLAAD)
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