Based on her new book “Raising Trump,” it doesn’t look like Ivana Trump will be accepting apologies from President Trump’s second wife and “showgirl” Marla Maples anytime soon.

In the book, which was released on Tuesday, Ivana Trump, who was married to Donald Trump from 1977-1992, expresses her thoughts and feelings towards Maples, whose headline-making affair with the business mogul destroyed his first marriage. While doing so, Trump refers to Maples nearly exclusively as “the showgirl,” blasting her for “knowingly entering into a relationship with my husband, the father of three small children.”

“She actively participated in humiliating me in the media and indirectly put my kids at risk for months,” Trump, who shares Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump with the former “The Apprentice” host, writes in the book. “I went through hell, and then I was expected to be okay with her being around my children? We all have deep scars from that period of our lives, in part due to her actions.”

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Over the years, Maples has attempted to issue public apologies to Trump, recently trying to make amends in an interview, of which Trump writes in her book, “They called to ask if I accepted the apology and I said, ‘Apology not accepted.’ This woman broke up my marriage and took away my kids’ father. I don’t care how sorry she is.” In another recent interview, Maples wished, “If [Ivana is] holding any kind of resentment toward me, I really hope, for her sake, that she can forgive me,” but Trump fired back, “For my sake? She wants my absolution for her sake,” adding that she’s “doing just fine with my resentment, thank you very much.”

During her recent interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Trump doubled down on her criticism of Maples. When asked how she finds a way to get along with Donald Trump’s third wife Melania, whom he married in 2005 after divorcing Maples in 1999, the president’s first wife responded, “One is nobody. And the other one is First Lady.”

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Ivana Trump makes it clear she’s still holding a grudge against “showgirl” Marla Maples Left: Photo by Andy Kropa/Invision/AP; Right: Photo by John Salangsang/Invision/AP
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