E! News reports that actress Jessica Biel and her business partners at the Los Angeles-based, kid-friendly restaurant Au Fudge have been served with a lawsuit by nine former employees who claim they were not given adequate rest breaks, and that they are owed thousands of dollars in gratuities from major Hollywood parties hosted by the venue.

The court documents obtained by E! News claim that “Each of them had their gratuities wrongfully converted and were improperly denied meal and rest breaks, overtime compensation and earned wages under various illegal payroll practices.”

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They added that “defendants charged hundreds of thousands of dollars in gratuities to private-party customers and converted said gratuities to themselves in order to pad their own pockets and deprive plaintiffs their just compensation in violation of law.”

A lawyer for Biel and her partners said “The Company does not comment on pending litigation and has not had an opportunity to review the Complaint, but looks forward to defending itself in Court.”

The restaurant was opened in March 2016 and sells itself as a restaurant friendly to both parents and their kids.

Jessica Biel’s restaurant accused of stealing waiters’ tips Mike Windle/Getty
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