Actress Julia Roberts appeared on “Ellen” today with “Notting Hill” director Richard Curtis. Ellen DeGeneres had the two play a game of “Heads Up.” In the game, DeGeneres and Roberts faced a screen with a phrase or word on it. They would then have to act it out without any words in hopes that Curtis, who was facing away from the screen, could guess what they were acting out. For each right answer, Shutterfly would donate $1,000 to Red Nose Day.

The ladies had 60 seconds to act out as many of the clues as they could. While they could get Curtis to identify “braiding hair” and “mouth-to-mouth,” they found it difficult to convey the Beyonce’ song “Single Ladies,” which Curtis thought was “Michael Jackson.”

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The hardest, it turns out, was “cheerleading,” which Curtis guessed as “exercise of some sort” and “Zumba” before giving up and just watching them act it out.

To make up for their poor mime skills, Shutterfly donated $25,000 to Red Nose Day.

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