Leah Remini isn’t afraid of the Church of Scientology.

The actress took to Reddit on Tuesday ahead of her new A&E docu-series to answer fans’ questions about what really goes on in the controversial church.

“Do the higher ups know it’s a scam or do they really believe this crap?” one fan asked.

“The higher up is singular. And he definitely knows. however I believe most parishioners and Sea Org members (people who work for the “church”) are int he dark and believe that they are doing amazing things for the world. And David Miscavige is directly responsible for that fraud,” Remini answered.

According to the actress, the church can turn against those who chose to leave the faith. Members of the church have also been accused of physical violence. That’s something that worried one fan of Remini’s, who asked about her safety.

Leah Remini put Scientology on blast once again in this heated Reddit Ask Me Anything Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images
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