Are we really supposed to be believe that by Monday morning, neither Joe Scarborough nor Mika Brzezinski, the recently engaged co-hosts of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” had not seen the “Saturday Night Live” opening mocking their romantic tension?

That’s what the lovebird co-anchors claimed on their show after NBC political analyst Mark Halperin brought up the “SNL” skit at the start of a panel discussion.

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Scarborough and Brzezinski acted as though Halperin was speaking Russian and had no idea of what he was saying. Brzezinski, stunned at the news of the skit, said, “Oh my God, I can’t wait to see it.”

Halperin told the co-anchors that he was featured on the SNL skit and, perhaps playing along with their ignorance, said, “You guys didn’t see that? I can’t believe you guys didn’t see that.”

Brzezinski said, apparently to the control booth, “Will you get that? I want to see Halperin on ‘SNL.'”

Scarborough jumped in and said, “We’ll do the news … and then we’ll show you on ‘Saturday Night Live.'”

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Maybe Scarborough and Brzezinski are so enamored with one another after they announced their engagement last week that they’ve tuned out the real world during their off hours to focus on their no-longer-secret love.

It does, however, seem just a bit odd that they didn’t get a text or call or a Facebook message at any point since Saturday night that would have tipped them off to the skit.

Well, at least now they know.

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