The dress that Marilyn Monroe wore on the evening she famously sang “Happy Birthday to You” to President John F. Kennedy sold in a Los Angeles auction last night for $4.8 million to a representative of “Ripley’s Believe it or Not.”

Monroe sang her rendition of the song at Madison Square Garden in celebration of Kennedy’s 45th birthday, only a few months before she was found dead from a drug overdose. According to the Portland Post Herald, the “flesh-colored dress” included “over 2,500 handstitched crystals”

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According to Julien Auctions, where the dress was sold, it was “so tight fitting that Monroe wore nothing underneath and had to be sewn into it last minute.” The dress was presented on a custom mannequin that was designed to match Marylin Monroe’s exact body measurements.

The stories and theories surrounding Monroe’s sultry song have become etched in pop culture lore. While President Kennedy had several affairs that have been corroborated, there isn’t enough evidence to indubitably prove that he was sleeping with Monroe.

The sex symbol was married three times, most notably to New York Yankees star Joe DiMaggio.

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Marilyn Monroe’s “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” dress snapped up at auction AP Photo/Dennis Van Tine
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