Rocker Chris Cornell was found dead in a Detroit hotel room bathroom late on Wednesday night with a band around his neck. Initial reports suggested that police were treating Cornell’s death as a suicide. As news of Cornell’s death began to circulate, there were indications that he was happy and pleasant before his death.

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During his final performance, Cornell told the crowd that they had been a great audience and that it would be tough for the crowd at the next show.

“I feel a little bit sorry for the next fucking place we play,” Cornell said. 

“You should have been at that Detroit show,” Cornell imagined telling the crowd at the next concert. “That crowd was something.”

In the hours since his death the Wayne County, Michigan Medical Examiner has confirmed that Cornell died of a suicide by hanging. Fans of Cornell speculated that Cornell may have died as a result of autoerotic asphyxiation, but the medical examiner did not explicitly cite that as a cause of death.

An autoerotic asphyxia occurs when someone restricts their oxygen supply in order to achieve maximum sexual arousal. Actor David Carradine notably died of similar circumstances in 2009.

Cornell was 52 years old.

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