Was any other journalist at the center of the election cycle like Megyn Kelly?

The ex-Fox News host distinguished herself during the cycle for being one of many who refused to back down to Donald Trump, even hosting a debatethe infamous one where Trump said Kelly was “bleeding out of her whatever”and later becoming Trump’s target. The now-President of the United States called her an “overrated” and “lightweight” reporter who he had “no respect for.”

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No surprise, then, that she called 2016 one of the “toughest years of her life.”

In a Facebook Live event streamed on Thursday, Kelly reflected on the year and revealed how it affected her life, especially her marriage.

“It’s not that I would like to go through that again, but I did learn a lot about myself and there were definitely benefits to it. […] I became even closer to my husband, I got to know myself better. I proved certain things to myself — about myself,” she told viewers.

“Even a problem of that size, where you’re really not on the right end of the man who would ultimately become the president. While it may not be pleasant at the time, it’s an opportunity for you. It’s always an opportunity, so I think it’s helpful psychologically to sort of shift enormous problems into enormous opportunities.”

Megyn Kelly finally reveals what the 2016 election did to her marriage Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Churchill Downs
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