Sports analyst, talk show host, Super Bowl winner with the record for most sacks in an NFL season — we could only be talking about no one other than Michael Strahan.

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Strahan is a big man with a bigger personality. He comes from humble beginnings and recognizes that hard work is the only way to keep and maintain the things we want.

After 15 years in the NFL and winning a Super Bowl, Michael hung up his cleats and turned to the camera. He presented his patented heartwarming smile to show us his talents for being an on-air personality.

So how does one person do so much and do it well? Let’s turn to the man himself.

6 motivational quotes from Michael Strahan:

  1. “Too many of us count ourselves out before we even get a chance. We can be our own worst enemies. Do the work. Be excellent.”
  2. “Don’t ask anybody to give you anything; ask them to give you an opportunity.”
  3. “My dad always talked about it like it was a sure thing. It was never ‘if,’ it was always ‘when.’ And I think I internalized that. He never doubted me and I learned to never doubt myself.”
  4. “I’ve learned to turn self-doubt into an energy source and to metabolize fear into a result-producing adrenaline.”
  5. “My motivation is, and always has been, my family. Living a healthy lifestyle so I can be there for them will always be number one in my mind.”
  6.  “You can be anything you want to be, just know you’re going to have to work for it.”

There you have it, folks — advice from someone who has climbed several careers’ worth of mountains in his lifetime (and he’s only 45).

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