Atlanta police admit they backfired with a tweet urging people not to celebrate Beyonce’s pregnancy with celebratory gunfire.

Following the singer’s announcement Wednesday that she’s pregnant with twins, the department tweeted, “Beyonce may have everyone wanting to celebrate her pregnancy, but remember no celebratory gunfire! Stay safe, Atlanta!”

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Police spokesman Sgt. Warren Pickard told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution ( ) some people found it funny while others were offended.

The department soon deleted the tweet and sent out another apologizing for the “inappropriate” tweet.

Pickard said the decision was made to take the tweet down “because it doesn’t focus on what we do every day as a public safety department.”

“We wanted to somehow add comedic relief to the things going on around the world, and we missed the mark,” Pickard said.

One police department had to issue a quick apology after their tweet about Beyonce’s pregnancy (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

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