Scribbled in the pages of his notebook were the sinister plans Sandra Bullock’s accused stalker had to sexually assault her during his 2014 break-in.

Joshua Corbett broke into the actress’ home in July 2014 and stood outside of her bedroom as she hid and called 911. Newly obtained documents reveal just how scary his intentions were.

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“At the time of his arrest, he believed that I was his wife and my child was his son,” Bullock wrote in the documents, adding that Corbett was carrying his notebook at the time, which had “multiple pages of scribbled entries, some dated June 4 and June 7, 2014, which repeatedly describe lurid and sexual acts including multiple entries detailing his intention to sexually assault me.”

At the time of his arrested, police found 24 firearms at Corbett’s home, including machine guns, assault rifles and explosive devices. He was not sentenced to jail time in the felony stalking and burglary case and instead received probation and was ordered to get treatment at a mental health facility after it was determined that he suffers from bipolar schizophrenia.

After the new details emerged, Bullock successfully received another restraining order against the stalker this week to protect her, her children and her live-in boyfriend.

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Scary new details expose the dark plans Sandra Bullock’s stalker had for her when he broke into her home Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic
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