If you saw a woman in a wedding gown listening to her overbearing mother berate her for her looks, her weight, and how the gown fits, how would you react? Would you tell the bride to be she looks great? Would you shake your head and mind your own business?

“You look anorexic in this dress. If grandma saw you, she’d think you look like a slut.”

The mom and bride to be were both actors there for the ABC series “What Would You Do?” But the onlookers in the store, they’re real people. And a few other women came up to the “bride” after the “mother” stepped away to cheer her up.

“You’re beautiful,” one said. “Anything is going to look beautiful on you.”

A woman then approaches who just happens to be a wedding planner.

“You should be in heaven, so I can’t imagine how she’s made you feel but you should write her off and get the dress you want to get.”

She handed the bride her card.

But then the show changed it up a bit and made the bride a more heavy-set woman. Watch how other mothers step in after the same mom chastises the bride over her weight and looks.

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