The mother who swapped with the Stockdales on “Wife Swap” is speaking out.

Laurie Tonkovic, who appeared on a 2008 episode of the reality series, spoke to TMZ about an incident she recalled with Jacob Stockdale. Jacob Stockdale is suspected of murdering his mother Kathryn and brother, James, 21, before turning the gun on himself. Jacob survived the suicide attempt and is currently in critical condition.

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“When I switched the rules, and I was going to let them have fun and have the television and video games and experience life a little bit, [Jacob] ran outside crying. And, when I went out after him and I asked what was wrong, he said that his mom and dad would tell him that basically, he would burn in hell,” Tonkovic said.

“They are a very, very talented family, but God gives you free will. Free will, they didn’t have. They weren’t allowed to make choices,” she added. “I just think that it caught up to him.”

On Friday, the eldest brother, Calvin Stockdale, released a statement according to The Associated Press and said that the family ““appreciates the prayers and support [they] are receiving from [their] friends and the community.”

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