Virgie Arthur is desperate to see her granddaughter.

Ten years after the death of Anna Nicole Smith, her mother still wants to maintain a relationship with the little girl she left behind.

“I wanna be part of Dannielynn’s life,” Arthur told the Daily Mail. “It’s not fair to her, not to know her mother’s side of the family, it’s not fair.”

Arthur made a video message directed to Dannielynn’s father, Larry Birkhead, begging him to let her have Dannielynn in her life.

Arthur claims that she has not seen her granddaughter since 2010. She warned Birkhead of the dangers of keeping them apart.

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“One day you will have problems with her,” Arthur said. “Although you’ve never let us be a part of her life, we’re still here, and one day she will come to find us.”

She added that because her own daughter was very curious, “Dannielynn will be too.”

“Every daughter wants to know their mother,” Arthur said. “And she will too.”

Birkhead was awarded custody of Dannielynn in 2007 after a highly-publicized paternity test revealed he was her biological father. Smith died on Feb. 8, 2007, when Danielynn was just 5 months old.

Birkhead shot down claims that he was keeping his child away from Smith’s mother in an interview with Inside Edition.

“If Anna’s mom wants to see Dannielynn, she knows how to get a hold of me, and she can call me anytime,” he told the cameras.

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