Now, that’s a dynamic duo!

On Tuesday, Lady Gaga and Prince William had a candid conversation about mental health in one epic FaceTime you have to see to believe.

“I am so grateful to speak to you. I am a very big fan of what you have done with Head’s Together and #OkayToSay,” Gaga greeted. She applauded the prince on his video campaigns and work on mental health. “They told beautiful stories and it reminded me how much my mental health changing changed my life.”

“You’re really kind to say so. Harry, Catherine and I really felt this was such an important area throughout all of our charitable work,” he said. He also took a moment to praise Gaga for her open letter about her struggles with mental health and asked the singer to share her feelings on what happened after she put it all out there.

“It made me very nervous at first,” she said. “For me, waking up every day and feeling sad and going on stage is something that is very hard to describe. There’s a lot of shame attached to mental illness. You feel like something’s wrong with you.”

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“In my life, I go, ‘Oh my goodness, look at all these beautiful, wonderful things that I have. I should be so happy,’ but you can’t help it it if, in the morning when you wake up, you are so tired, you are so sad, you are so full of anxiety and the shakes that you can barely think,” Gaga added.

Prince William reassured Gaga that that it was important to “break open the fear and taboo” about speaking out.

“I feel like we are not hiding anymore. We are starting to talk,” she said. “And, that’s what we need to do really.”

“Absolutely. It’s time that everyone speaks up and really feels normal about mental health,” Prince William added.

“Even though it was hard, it was the best thing that could come out of my mental illness was to share it with other people and let our generation as well as other generations know that if you are feeling not well in your mind, you are not alone,” Gaga revealed. “We have to make the strongest most relentless attempt we can to normalize mental health issues, so people feel they can come forward.”

Lady Gaga and Prince William have teamed up to bring awareness to a great cause Facebook/The Royal Family
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