Queen Elizabeth II is definitely in touch with her wild side!

On Tuesday, the Queen and Prince Philip visited Whipsnade Zoo and got an up-close-and-personal look at the facility’s nine Asian elephants and the veterinarians that take care of them. One of the elephants at the center was reportedly named in honor of the Queen and was born just days before her 90th birthday.

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Her Majesty was “absolutely delighted” when she learned Elizabeth the elephant was named in her honor, according to Professor David Field.

But, it was one particularly polite elephant named Donna that really gave the royal couple a warm welcome. When the Queen approached Donna, the pachyderm took notice of the banana in her hands and gladly accepted the sweet treat with her trunk. According to E! News, Donna then turned to Prince Philip and used her trunk to search his suit jacket for more snacks.

Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

The royal couple’s visit was to monitor the daily routines of the elephants and their caretakers before unveiling a plaque at the new Center for Elephant Care at the Bedfordshire zoo.

No one has ever been more excited to meet Queen Elizabeth II than this adorable, friendly elephant Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images
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