When Queen Elizabeth II opened “Land of Lions” at the London Zoo in 2016, she unveiled the new enclosure as three lionesses prowled behind her back and forth.

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The Queen, dressed in a pale blue tailored skirt suit by Angela Kelly,  was accompanied by her husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and the couple stood directly in front of the enclosure while listening to speeches from the Zoological Society of London.

ZSL President Sir John Beddington and Director Ralph Armond noted that the lionesses were hungry and seemed to be arguing over a meal, forcing The Queen to constantly look over her shoulder.

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On average, a female lion weights nearly 300 pounds and stands at four feet tall on all four legs. Still, these beauties are much smaller than their male counterparts and compared with members of The Royal Family, quite big.

When The Queen of England met this queen of the jungle, neither wanted to chat over tea Flickr, Creative Commons
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