The stars of the cable reality show “Deadliest Catch” are in shock after news that their friends on a commercial crabbing ship were lost when the boat sank over the weekend in the Bering Sea.

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The Destination, a 98-foot Seattle-based crab boat with a six-man crew, disappeared 2 miles off the Pribilof Island of St. George.

The Coast Guard has called off its search for survivors. It rushed to the scene when an emergency radio transmission was received early Saturday.

When rescuers arrived at the emergency beacon location, they found an oil slick, buoys, and a life ring, the Associated Press reported.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the crew members aboard the F/V Destination and their families,” the “Deadliest Catch” show said in a post on its Facebook page.

Commercial fishing and crabbing in the Bering Sea is a dangerous business with icy winters, big seas, and heavy equipment.

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