The whole “man’s best friend” relationship goes both ways, as this Canadian man proved.

Shawn Hanson was out in the British Columbia wilderness with his mini dachshund Bailey when a cougar attacked the dog, The Huffington Post reports.

“I hear a yelp, and see it dragging the puppy off into the bushes. Without thinking I chase in after it, catching up as it stops to see what is following,” he wrote in a post on a Facebook group for dangerous animal sightings. “I grab Bailey (puppy) with one hand, punch the cougar in the face with the other, and it releases its grip on her neck.”

He gave Bailey to his wife, grabbed his shotgun and pursued the cougar. The cougar moved aggressively toward him and didn’t react to a warning shot.

He handed off Bailey to his wife, grabbed his 12-gauge shotgun and headed back into the bushes. The cougar made aggressive moves towards him and didn’t flee when he fired a warning shot. He shot the cougar in the head, then fired two more shots at the animal’s body, he wrote.

His wife, Tara Kerner, wrote in a Facebook comment that Bailey is OK aside from puncture wounds and neck swelling.

“She is on antibiotics and probiotics,” Kerner wrote. “It could have been a lot worse.”

Canadian authorities found Hanson not at fault in the incident.

This Canadian man went to incredible lengths to save his pup from a predatory animal Facebook/Shawn Hanson
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