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At The Morrison Bar and Oyster Room in Sydney, Australia, a red-bellied black snake slithered up to the front door.

This type of snake is among Australia’s most venomous, capable of killing a human being. The bar patrons immediately reached out to a professional snake handler, Harley Jones, to remove the reptile.

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“It is incredibly rare to see this kind of snake in the city,” Marissa Demetriou, the marketing manager for the venue, told

Demetriou added that the snake was badly injured and was transported to a local veterinarian’s office.

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“It would appear someone has attempted to hit it with a shovel, hence the injuries staff noted when we first spotted it,” she said.

The Morrison reported via Instagram “that the snake made a recovery at the vet, and will be released back into the wild,” adding that it was “a very unusual Tuesday indeed!”

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